About Swell & Stone

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Hi, I'm Kat! I run Swell & Stone, named such because those are the things I'm constantly chasing. I'm an adventure photographer with over a decade of experience shooting for brands like REI, Kelty, Outdoor Research, British Airways, and many more. I have traveled full time for the last two years, so whether you're planning your intimate wedding or elopement in the big mountains of Alaska, the desert landscapes of southern Utah (my favorite place in the world), or the gorgeous shores or peaks of New England, I've been there, and I have the perfect spot in mind! Check out my adventure portfolio over at www.katcarneyphotography.com. I’m so excited to help bring your vision to life, and create the most beautiful wedding photos you can imagine.

My style focuses on telling to complete story of your day. So whether you are eloping with just the two of you or you decided to bring along 15 of your closest friends and family, I capture each moment, person, and experience as it happens. Everything that happens is part of the story of your epic adventure wedding, so if your car battery dies 2 hours deep into 4x4 roads (yes, that’s happened) or your sister makes the funniest joke you’ve heard in a while and the entire wedding party is dying laughing (also, happened) you’ll have photos of those memories that last a lifetime.

If you're the type of couple who takes the scenic byway, or who never saw yourself getting married in a traditional ceremony, or has always felt the most free with your hair blowing in the wind on a mountain top or beach, I'm the photographer for you! I want to bring those same amazing adventure experiences into your wedding photos.

I met my husband through adventure travel, and I am so excited to share the stories of similar couples. I consider everyone I meet in the wild a friend, and I hope to add you and your future spouse to the list of my close-knit adventure friends. Need a belay buddy in the desert, a surf friend on either coast, or a hiking partner in New England? After our session I hope you feel like you could ring me for adventure when we cross paths in the future.