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Enchanting Tree Grove Wedding in Florida | Swell & Stone- Adventure Wedding Photographer

Kavita & Brice Tie the Knot in a Gorgeous Tree Grove in Florida

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There are so many things I loved about Kavita & Brice’s wedding day, from the colors to the many festivities, but the thing that made it so much fun to be there was seeing how much fun they were having. They smiled, laughed, and danced the entire day, up until the very end, and then they kept going. Their families were both incredibly fun and the day was full of joy.

They began they day getting ready separately and including a few sweet surprises for each other. Kavita kept mentioning how excited she was to see Brice, she couldn’t wait until the first look. When she arrived on site the bridal party took care to make sure they didn’t see one another. When Brice was in position Kavita walked up from behind and they barely saw one another before they embraced.

The guests soon started to arrive and the Baraat began. A Baraat is a groom's wedding procession in an Indian wedding. Brice’s side joined in dancing around the wedding grounds. When they arrived back to the start Kavita’s sister and mother where waiting there and a dance battle ensued. Kavita and her bridesmaids showed up for part of the dance battle. The entire wedding had so much fun with this portion of the ceremonies.

Next, Brice moved through a series of ceremonies and rituals before everyone was seated and they were ready to begin the formal wedding ceremonies. The Indian wedding ceremonies were done first followed by an American ceremony led by Brice’s mother.

After they said “I DO!” we snuck off for a few photos before delivering back to their cocktail hour where they spent the rest of the evening laughing, crying, and generally having as much fun as possible. One of the more moving moments was when Kavita’s sister surprised her with a few songs played by live musicians. The entire wedding starting singing some of the songs at one point.

The reception took place in a gorgeous barn on the grounds of Florida Rustic Barn Weddings. The ceremonies took place on the grounds as well in a beautiful tree grove.

These two danced the night away with their seriously awesome crew of friends and family. They are two of the kindest humans, clearly incredibly in love, and I’m so happy they have found one another on this journey through life.